June 29, 2008


We went to Yellowstone National Park last week for about a week and stayed at the
Fishing Bridge RV campsite. Luckily we had hookup, otherwise I would have died, I mean, had a hard time. (okay, yes, I am a big wimp and I need my comforts!) But now comes the best part! Picture share!!! I was excited to bring my DSLR and get some amazing photos, I snapped about 300 pictures and about 200 were decent. Don't worry, I'm not going to share all 200! :P

The first one is of Samantha with all her "fancy" accessories, walking on a log, She was pretending to be "Fancy Nancy." Then I caught this kodak moment (though it should be a canon moment because that's my camera), I thought it was really sweet with Samantha and her grandparents. We also went to see the mud pots, where gas escapes from the earth and make these bubbles in the mud. This one was all dried up but I thought it looked cool! At the mud pots, there were 3 buffaloes just hanging out so Sean took a picture with it!
Old Faithful was as faithful as ever, but not as on time as it used to be. It was pretty amazing to see it go off, Sean just LOVED IT! He kept saying, "oh my gosh! oh my gosh!!"
On our way to having a picnic with the rest of the family, we saw this CUTE little black bear on the side of the road, he (maybe she?) was literally inches from the pavement, then got scared off by an ice cream truck!
There were beautiful waterfalls in the park but the best one is at The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, it was awesome to see. The other cool thing about Yellowstone were these hot springs. They have all these crazy colors and just vivid and bright. It's better to go on a cool day because it gets pretty steaming looking at them. They have signs up showing a kid who got off the boardwalk, getting burned while the mom screams from a distance. And accurately depicting the dad not noticing anything and walking away! I thought it was SO funny, too bad I didn't get a picture of it!
Since Rhead had to go to Arizona for training and couldn't come with us, the kids decided to turture someone else instead, their grandpa.
But in the end, they always seem to have the best time with grandma.