August 31, 2008

My Big Fat Chinese Family

This was taken a couple of weeks ago at my mom's cousin, Peter and his wife Susan's wedding banquet. We Chinese people love to get together and EAT! This is just my mom's side of the family, and not everyone was present! Yes, just like the Greeks, we like to eat and procreate. My great grandmother had 10 kids and it just went on from there! Congratulations Peter and Susan!

August 30, 2008

I want to SEW!

Samantha has watched me sew for more than 2 years now. She's my little helper, I use that term very loosely. After countless times of asking me to let her sew, I finally caved today. She was a natural! I, of course, set the speed to the slowest, showed her how to set the foot up and down, needle up and down, and start and stop. She just sewed the same square over and over again, she has even learned how to pivot! She told me that she wanted to learn how to serge next, I'm like "slow down, little girl!" But I'm so proud of her! She is learning to sew at 4 years old! Soon, She will be better at sewing than I am! After Sewing for 10 minutes, she told me, "Tomorrow, you can be my customer and I will sew for you. But you serge for me, because that is scary." My little girl, all grown up! Sniff.... Sniff.....

Look at her go! (yes, she is in her PJs)

Perfect Form ...

Perfect Concentration! (there is a little smirk there... hehe!)

August 28, 2008

Customer Spotlight: Georgia

Thank you so much to Georgia for emailing me these adorable pictures of her daughter, Althea, wearing her own Sweetheart Dress, from my ebook. I love seeing other seamstress' creations especially from my own patterns. Georgia did a great job and I hope that she will continue to sew because custom boutique sewing is addicting! Or is it the attention that is addicting? I can't tell anymore.

August 26, 2008

Citizenship: An update...

Thank you to all those wonderful contributions that I've received, I am able to take the next step towards getting my US citizenship. I filled out the application, took passport photos, wrote a check and sent the whole thing in on Saturday, August 23. On "A Guide To Naturalization" it states the process from start to finish (meaning when I am actually an American) normally takes 6 months. But I've also heard that in less populated states, it will be faster. I'm thinking not that many people are applying for citizenships in Utah, so I am hoping for a shorter waiting period. Meanwhile, I get to do these sample civics questions, do you know them??

1. Who elects the President of the United States?
2. What are the three branches of our government?
3. What were the original 13 states?
4. What is the Bill of Rights?
5. What group has the power to declare war?

answer below....(no peeking)

1. The Electoral College
2. Executive, Judicial, and Legislative
3. Virginia, Massachusetts, Maryland, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Georgia
4. The first ten amendments to the Constitution
5. Congress

How did you do??

August 21, 2008

First Day Of First Grade

Alas.... This day has come... My baby, my first born, my one and only son is off to his first day of first grade. On top of that, he is going to a brand new school where he is not in the same class as his bestest friend, Treyson. He is SO nervous (perhaps I have instill some fear into him) about where he is suppose to be, who to be friends with, and if I will be home when he gets back! I just hope he brings his jacket home and not leave it at school. It was tough for him to get up even though he's had 11 hours of sleep. We did have to wake him up at 5 AM the day before to get to the airport.

So it was a sleepy start....

But I did manage to get a smile...

Time to wait for the bus...

Here it is!

Judy the bus driver greets with an enthusiastic "HI SEAN!"

I hope he has a good time and will want to go back again tomorrow!

August 13, 2008

Life's Tough Choices

For kids, there are some tough choices in life: to listen to parents or do what he/she wants, to share or not, who to make friends, and perhaps the toughest of all: which prize to pick at the Chuck E. Cheese counter. Anna got the mood of the picture perfect! It almost takes as long for them to pick out what they want as me winning the tickets for them. Why do I keep winning tickets for them??? It must be my competitive streak. I love winning tickets! I like to play twister and winning the bonus. But I couldn't get that darn I yesterday but Sean came to the rescue and did it with just 1 token! All in all, we got 625 tickets, and the kids picked some little toys and a whole bunch of tootsie roll pop. I love taking the kids to Chuck E Cheese! Yes, it's loud, rowdy, kind of dirty.... but it's where a kid can be a kid (mommies too)!