October 2, 2007

To The Pumpkin Patch We Go!

The kids have been anxiously awaiting for the pumpkin patch to open for a few weeks now. Finally, yesterday, October 1st arrives, and it has opened! Rhead, mom and I took the kids there and of course they wanted to go on the jump houses. Whatever happened to just picking out pumpkins?? Every pumpkin patch has a gimmick now because business has been going down. To draw out the kids, they have to have jump houses or other activities. So we let them play, get their energy out. 5 bucks each for 15 minutes, which is not too bad because Sean was red and sweaty by the end of the 15 minutes. He got some GOOD exercise. We still have to go to another pumpkin patch that has trains and barnyard animals, it is one of our favorite pumpkin patches to visit. We probably won't make it to Half Moon Bay this year for the Pumpkin festival, it's always a mad house with traffic there! Can't wait to post some pictures with a brand new camera that I'm getting!!!

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