October 6, 2008

The ever-so-wonderful Mr. Gomez

My ol' Alma Mater had it's 50th anniversary party last month and the pictures just came out today. I'm kind of bummed that I didn't go to my class 10 year reunion and I missed the 50th birthday party. Granted, the pictures looked like a buncha people that are my grandpa's age, but it would have been nice to hear papa do run run, and see old teachers. Like Mr. Gomez!! He has to be my all time favorite teacher. He taught me band for 4 years and it truly was a wonderful experience.

Some of them were:

~ Meeting him for the first time at the freshman orientation and he told me I had to join band and it would be an easy A for 4 years

~ Mr. Gomez walking around with that blowhorn, yelling at us about how we NEED to march and play at the same time

~ inspecting us on the bus, making sure we weren't doing any hanky panky

~ inspecting us at pismo beach, doing room checks, making sure we weren't doing any hanky panky

awwww, fond memories...

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