September 28, 2008

Fall Festival 2008

Ahhhh... Fall Festival, are there any other 2 words in the English dictionary that sound more fun than that?? Okay, maybe, but for now, it's the most exciting thing in our lives. Here in Cache Valley, we have this historical working farm that literally takes you back into the pioneer period. The American West Heritage Center has farm animals, covered wagons, oprah house, really old looking houses, and handcarts. Saturday was their Fall Festival, and of course, we went! The price was resonable for something that allows you to have in and out priviliges, a huge corn maze (more on that later), live bands, and activites for the kiddos. Time for picture share!

A yummy bucket full of apples...

Sean learning how they used to make apples ciders (with an apples press)

So my kids grew up in silicon valley, not on a ranch like those punks over at The Pioneer Woman, so this is how he rode a horse... i mean pony

To add to his many talents (pretending, playing nintendo, making his sister nuts), he decided to pick up a bow and arrow

Here is one of Sami just being oh-so-cute

Jumping off a hay fort at the end of the day, is there any other way to finish off the festival?

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Heather said...

Have I told you I looove the new look of your blog Annie Bananie?
Hee hee. I love that song by Lenka on your playlist! :)