January 10, 2009

Back To Real Life....

The first week back from vacation is always so depressing to me. I miss my family, I miss the chaos, I miss the noise, I miss the smell...EVERYTHING! I just spent the last 3 weeks in (not sunny) California visiting my family and it was so fun and relaxing. Okay, relaxing was a poor choice of word because the only time it was relaxing was when I went to get a massage. There were a total of 21 people in the house! Including 4 kids, 2 tweens and 2 teenagers, enough said. But I had a fun time anyways. I got mani-pedis, 3 massages, and a haircut! We shopped till we drop and ate until our bellies were full! My cousin Jeff hosted a sushi night and made sushi for all of us! He was my favorite cousin that night!

Hands down though, the highlight of the trip was getting to hang out with these 3 kids here! They are my cousins babies and they are just SOOOOOOOO adorable! They made me want to have another one, until, that is, Logan starts spitting up every 30 minutes. I hate the smell of spit up!

Speak of the lil devil, there he is! He is suffering from some major cradle cap right now, but so chubby and cute nonetheless... Check out his natural Mohawk! I love that kid to death!

This is Ashton (Jeff's kid), he doesn't like me much because I always take away his binky and that drives him nuts. Then he makes a quizzical look at me and gives me 2 kissing sounds... that means he wants his binky back. Cute right??

And here is the queen of them all, Lauren. We call her lala, and she is the BOSS! She has a mind of her own and don't need you to tell her anything. She loves following Sean and Sami around but gives them a piece of her mind if they get out of line.

6 more months till I see them again, that is too long I think!

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