January 14, 2009

My First Day as an American! (WE DID IT!)

Yesterday, I went to Salt Lake City for the Naturalization Oath ceremony and it was AWESOME! There were 198 New citizens there, one lady couldn't even wait until the actual ceremony and had to take the Oath ahead of time because she was about the give birth! She's okay though, they gave her the oath and took her to the hospital with an Ambulance.

First, we had the Pledge Allegiance , but before we did, a SLC firefighter went through each words and explained what the words meant.

A lady lead us to sing the National Anthem, which was interesting to hear :) We had 2 speakers, Cindy Toone from Daughters of the American Revolution and Michael Fox, another SLC firefighter. They spoke about freedom and the most important responsibility of an us citizen, which is to vote.

Then we took the Oath of Citizenship all together. And the Judge (who was a special judge because he took the Oath ceremony when he was in law school!) and some of the new citizens made some remarks. It was really inspiring to hear them speak, and feel their love for America. I was too chicken to stand up but I felt extremely grateful to all those who helped me get here, especially the boutique community. This really is a great country and I'm proud to live here and proud to be a citizen!


pssst.... my father in law took pictures but didn't download them yet, I'll post some when he does!

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