September 22, 2008

First Day of Fall

This is our first fall in Cache Valley and the leaves on the mountain are changing colors already. We decided to take a Sunday Family Drive up to see the beautiful colors. Sean was not feeling so well so he had to carry his spuge bucket ( very essential for sick kids or those who get car sick easily.) The road was rocky and bumpy but we did make it eventually and it was beautiful! We saw leaves of all sorts of colors, but they were mostly maple trees (seeing how the place was called Maple Bench!)

Around here, they have these things on the ground call "cattle guards." They are basically widely spread slats of metal to prevent cattle from crossing it. Humans with large feet could easily cross them with no problem, but if you are humans with small feet, "cattle guards" proved to be problematic. As demonstrated here....

This is the how those of with small feet feel after crossing the guard:

(I didn't get a picture of her falling in, because, HELLO! too busy laughing!)

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