August 13, 2008

Life's Tough Choices

For kids, there are some tough choices in life: to listen to parents or do what he/she wants, to share or not, who to make friends, and perhaps the toughest of all: which prize to pick at the Chuck E. Cheese counter. Anna got the mood of the picture perfect! It almost takes as long for them to pick out what they want as me winning the tickets for them. Why do I keep winning tickets for them??? It must be my competitive streak. I love winning tickets! I like to play twister and winning the bonus. But I couldn't get that darn I yesterday but Sean came to the rescue and did it with just 1 token! All in all, we got 625 tickets, and the kids picked some little toys and a whole bunch of tootsie roll pop. I love taking the kids to Chuck E Cheese! Yes, it's loud, rowdy, kind of dirty.... but it's where a kid can be a kid (mommies too)!

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