August 21, 2008

First Day Of First Grade

Alas.... This day has come... My baby, my first born, my one and only son is off to his first day of first grade. On top of that, he is going to a brand new school where he is not in the same class as his bestest friend, Treyson. He is SO nervous (perhaps I have instill some fear into him) about where he is suppose to be, who to be friends with, and if I will be home when he gets back! I just hope he brings his jacket home and not leave it at school. It was tough for him to get up even though he's had 11 hours of sleep. We did have to wake him up at 5 AM the day before to get to the airport.

So it was a sleepy start....

But I did manage to get a smile...

Time to wait for the bus...

Here it is!

Judy the bus driver greets with an enthusiastic "HI SEAN!"

I hope he has a good time and will want to go back again tomorrow!

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