July 10, 2008

Customer Spotlight: Lily Rose

I got this photo a couple of days ago from Amy, showing off her adorable daughter Lily-Rose in one of my creations! Amy contacted me through Etsy asking for a Foofa dress for Lily-Rose's birthday party. We love Yo Gabba Gabba at our house, so of course I said YES!! I was so please to see the picture because I rarely get photos back from customers! Thank you so much Amy, for sharing this with me! Happy Birthday Lily-Rose :)

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2Munkeez said...

oh Annie... I just LOVE that!!! We love Yo Gabba Gabba too and Kaidee keeps asking for a Foofa shirt like the kids on the show! SOOOO cute!

I adore when customers send photos! It is so awesome to see all the work you put into something actually on somebody! :)