July 22, 2008

I WANT To BE an American! Help me with my DREAM!

UPDATE: Someone trolled on my and ebay decided to pull my auction.....grrrrrrrr! But the good news is I am at $306, and that is almost at the half way mark!!! That is just in 1 day :) Less than 24 hours no less! Well, I'm headed to the airport, so I'll deal with all this ebay stuff tomorrow! Funny enough, I will be only 10 minutes from ebay headquarter, protest anyone???

I have a green card but now in need of applying for a citizenship! I need to raise $670 to pay for the fee, so I've put up an auction to help me. For $10, you'll receive a personalized handwritten Thank You note from me and the satisfaction that you've helped someone realize her dream

Please see more details in my auction

If you can't contribute, I totally understand. But if you could watch the auction on your ebay, or help spread the word, I would greatly appreciate it!!

Keep Checking back for more updates!

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