July 8, 2008

A new haircut

Here is Samantha in her brand new haircut! Gaylene cut about 4-5 inches from the bottom and gave her A cut bob. I just LOVE IT! It looks modern and adorable! It will be a while before I can put it in pigtails or ponytails but I think she looks so chic! Daddy and grandpa won't like it though, (they haven't seen it yet) they like traditional long hair on girls. Rhead was teasing her that she won't be a "princess" anymore! What a mean thing to say lol But if he really knew his princesses, he'd know that Snow White actually has short hair! Well I like it and Samantha likes it. The new hair cut will make our lives easier now that we don't have to battle the rat's nest that she wakes up with every morning!


Jodi said...

She looks adorable! LOve that look on her! Very nice Samantha!!!

meeks said...

awwww...so cute..can't wait till you guys come back! ~ <3 ur auntie meeka

2Munkeez said...

oh my... i didn't think she could be ANY CUTER! but that hair style is GORGEOUS on Sam!! :)